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Guttuso e gli amici di Corrente

A tribute to the artist on his centenary

1 July  - 11 September 2011
Palazzo Mediceo
Via del Palazzo 358 - Seravezza
Opening hours: Monday - Sunday 10.00-12.30am | 5.30 -12.00pm
"Guttuso e gli amici di Corrente", an exhibition dedicated to the Sicilian artist on the centenary of his birth, runs from 1 July to 11 September. The exhibition, curated by Enrico Dei, is housed in Palazzo Mediceo in Seravezza (Lucca). Organized by the Terre Medicee Foundation and the Municipality of Seravezza, the exhibition includes a catalogue featuring essays edited by Giuseppe di Natale, Gioela Massagli and Mauro Pratesi
A "tribute to his career": this is how its curator defines the exhibition devoted to Renato Guttuso, considered to be one of the leading Italian and international artists. The exhibition features about seventy works selected to celebrate Guttuso on the centenary of his birth, including paintings and graphic art, several of which are now back in the public eye after years of neglect. The works are on loan from both public and private collections, and rather than being an artistic anthology, they aim to highlight his artistic and social sensitivity with regards to the context in which he worked.
The high point and core of the exhibition revolves around Guttuso’s work from the 1940s to the 1980s. It is followed by works by Treccani, Birolli, Sassu, Migneco, Morlotti, and Vedova, artists who were part of the “Corrente” movement, and with whom Guttuso had close friendship and intellectual ties.
Among the works on display, visitors can admire Guttuso’s large 1951 painting Dream of a warmonger, dominated by the face of U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower. The work represents a key moment in his artistic career which had repercussions on his personal life as well: because of this painting, Guttuso had to stand trail for defamation of a foreign head of state. Other masterpieces on display include The smoking man, or portrait of the painter Garajo from 1961 and a 1958 Still life.
These works highlight Guttuso’s research on the complexity of the human conditions, on suffering, myths, and passions. His intellectual and political positions are fleshed out in the sections dedicated to the artists of the Corrente movement, with whom he shared the struggle against the fascist dictatorship.
Works by other artists on display include Giuseppe Migneco’s Piazzale Loreto (1944) and Vedova’s Christ in the Gethsemane (1942), which was inspired by a painting by Tintoretto.  In those years Guttuso painted his Crucifixion, a controversial work that nevertheless won the Bergamo Prize.

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