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Nanni Balestrini
Opening: October 18, 2014  5 pm

Frittelli Arte Contemporanea
Via Val di Marina 15
50127 Firenze

Frittelli Arte Contemporanea presents FUORI TUTTO, a new exhibition of the artist, poet and novelist Nanni Balestrini.
After Tristanoil, the longest movie in the world presented in 2012, the artist comes back in the Florentine gallery with an original project entitled FUORI TUTTO and his most recent works: I Maestri del Colore (The Masters of Colour) and Neri (Blacks).

FUORI TUTTO suggests a way out, a projection, a dissemination of creativity: it's an artwork “in progress”, a nucleus of canvas created by the artist with the active partecipation of the audience, invited to re-elaborate them in terms of relationship and co-authority.

The exhibition will also display two distinct cycles of works, I Maestri del Colore, homage-dialogue with the icons of art history reproduced in the famous series of Fratelli Fabbri editori, and Neri, a new reflection on the concept of "destruction" in which black spots invade the space built from words. These cycles are related to each other as possible and complementary facets of a work that aims to intervene in the complex universe of the "visible", understood as the place of our total encounter with the world, through its potentially infinite configurations of concrete existence.

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