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Luca Matti

Luca Matti, born in Florence in 1964, is a painter and sculptor with a great passion for animation.
Geometries, rubber and the absence of colour are his distinctive traits, time and  space his obsessions.

The movement and tension of man dominating space through town planning and its torments.
“Up to now I have worked a lot on the theme of movement and speed. Now I’m fascinated by space. We are constantly building, we give density to the space that surrounds us, enclosing it in rigid forms. I’m devoting myself intensively to the representation of dense cities made up of parallelepipeds, new expanding Babels where the paradox is the density of the presence which, taken to paroxysm, instead becomes absence. Where the interminable uninterrupted City becomes desert.”
His paintings, sculptures and animations are visible on the site www.lucamatti.it
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