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Lorenzo Pizzanelli

The expressive interests of Lorenzo Pizzanelli revolve primarily around interactivity between art and the public.
Through video installations and interactive performances the presupposed role of authority and institutional authority is obscured and obstructed.
A typical theme of the author, most pointedly in the performances, is the concept of the masterpiece as an ironic vision of a reverse transmission of cultural heritage through museums and memory, exemplified in his Trans-Unto Museum. The installations are more a reflection concentrated on the body and its implications, from the cyborg to the genetic engineer. The vision of an animist archetype embedded in the work: Pinocchio, Sacrifice, Exorcist, Anna Bolena, seem to give a magical feel to even the most com temporary technology.



solo exhibitions

Iconoclast Game Boncompagni Ludovisi Museum, Rome and Rome Termini Station, in collaboration with the National Gallery of Modern Art (GNAM), sponsored by the Ministry of Culuture, curator Raffaele Gavarro.

Guided Ghost Tour preformance and video Villa Medici di Cerreto Guidi, Tuscany, curator Silvia Bottinelli.
Full Contemporary Art Immersion at the Gori Collection curated by Stefania Gori. Tuscany.

Iconoclast Game Daniele Ugolini Gallery, Florence, catalog text by Raffaele Gavarro.
Iconoclast Game Santa Maria Novella Station, Florence.
Iconoclast Game Guttuso Museum, Palermo curator Eva Di Stefano
Guided Ghost Tour Villa Medici di Cerreto Guidi curated by Silvia Bottinelli, Tuscany.


Multimedia Performance, BZF Vallecchi, Florence.

Trans-Unto other TV video theater, Castello dell'Acciaiolo. Florence.
Purgatory multimedia preformance, Lift Gallery on-line: www.liftgallery.it and BZF Vallecchi, Florence
Glass Air Palazzo Guadagni, Florence.


Capolinea Fu Turista [Fu-Touristic Destination] performance, ENZIMI Festival, Rome; Sponsered by the city of Rome.
Guided Tour performance, Trans-Unto Museum; Sponsered by Pecci Museum of Contemporary Art Prato, the Minister of Culture of Florence, Manifestazione ArtPort, Florence.
Conference, performance, Limonaia di Villa Strozzi, Florence.

Icarus:Florence=Dionysis:x preformance, Piazza Della Repubblica, Florence.
Sick Sex Daniele Ugolini Gallery, Florence.

Inside & Dum Dum, curator Daniele Perra, Bologna.

I x I3 [eye for an eye, cubed] SpaceTime Art Center, Florence.
The Condiminium of Art performance, Trans-Unto Museum, Florence.

Historical Happening, Museo Trans-Unto, Firenze.

French Gate, SpaceTime Art Center, Florence.
Guided Tour, Museo Trans-Unto, Florence.

group exhibitions

8 Faces, DUOLUN Museum, Shanghai, China.
Shanghai Art Fair, special invitation by the Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai, China.
Dreaming Foreing Art Museum, curated by Maurizio Vanni, Riga, Lithuania.
Precious Garbage STROZZI Palace, in collaboration with Quadrifoglio curator Maurizio Vanni, Florence.

1st Biennale of Moscow and 11° Digital Art Festival, M'ARS Museum of Contemporary Art. curator Antonio Geusa. Natalia Kosolapova, Director of the M'ARS Museum Moscow, Russia.
National Festival of Preformance curated by Gabrilla Di Censo, Pescara, Italy.
Way out of Town curated by Gaia Bindi and Patrizia Landi, Livorno, Italy.
ARTUR-O Art Fair with Daniele Ugolini Gallery, Michelangelo Hotel, Florence.

Palace of Liberty Palazzo delle PAPESSE Contemporary Art Museum curator Marco Pierini, Lorenzo Fusi, Siena, Italy.
www.labiennale.org/blogwork curator Lorenzo Miglioli, Venice Biennal.
Rennew, Limonaia di Villa Strozzi, sponsored by the Minister of Culture Florence.
GodArt Laboratory Museum curated by Enzo De Leonibus Città S. Angelo, Italy.
Fabbrica Europa Festival, Firenze.

National Festival of Preformance curated by Gabrilla Di Censo and Beniamino Cardines Pescara, Italy.
Lift Gallery + Trans-Unto Museum, Florence.

Video Event Turin Civic Gallery of Modern Art curated by Lucio Cabutti, Turin, Italy.

XXXIV Conference in Sorrento of Cinema and Audio/Visual, Window of the Digital Image in Italy curated by Nico Piro, Sorrento, Italy
AION The Crucialiness of the Time of Art, National Archeological Museum, curated by Gabriele Perretta, Formia, Italy.

Politically Correct Salara curated by Daniele Perra, Bologna, Italy.
Performance, Kleinsassen, Fulda, Germany.
Biennal of Contemporary Art, curators Stefania Gori and Eliana Princi, Quarrata, Italy.

Experience Designers, ex Opificio, curated by Gabriele Perretta, Milan.
Homage to Mario Mariotti Fabbrica Europa, Florence.
Mediasuk SalonB.it Lingotto, curated by Carlo Infante, Turin.

Broken Metropolitans De-consecrated church of Barnabiti curated by Vittoria Coen, Florence.

Domestic Economy curated by Maurizio Poli, Prato, Italy.
Les Temps de L' Ailleurs, Lara Vincy Gallery, curated by Alex Mlynarcik, Pierre Restany, Liliane Vincy, Paris.


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