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Frittelli Arte Contemporanea of Florence has commenced the collection of material and documentation relating to the work of Pino Pascali, one of the most important and original figures on the international artistic scene.

All the documents, organised in an archive, will subsequently be published in the General Catalogue of the Work of the Artist. The publication will be divided into a number of volumes, in which each work will be reproduced accompanied by a factsheet complete with technical, historical/critical and bibliographical data.
The Pino Pascali Archive has been founded by Sandro Lodolo and is managed by a Panel of Expert consisting by Simone Frittelli, Claudia Lodolo, Maurizio Moriconi and Carla ruta.

The archiving will take place following an initial examination of the informative material received and of the work itself, which will be performed at our premises during the monthly appraisal sessions of the Scientific Committee.
The appraisal is against payment, whatever the outcome, which must be made in advance.

Anyone who is in possession of works by the artist is asked to communicate the same by letter to:

Frittelli Arte Contemporanea, Via Val di Marina 15, 50127 Firenze
Tel +39-055-410153    Fax +39-055-4377359

the documentation relating to EACH INDIVIDUAL WORK for which archiving and cataloguing are requested  must comprise:   

-archive form compiled in all parts
-1  colour digital photo on CD (300 dpi 18x24)
-2  black and white photos + 1 colour photo of front (18x24 cm format)
-1  black and white photo of rear (18x24 cm format)
-the certification on picture signed by Sandro Lodolo (if you are in possession of it)

We would specify that the photographic documentation must be produced by professional photographers, since for editorial requirements the photos must be of a quality that complies with professional parameters.

For anyone who may be interested, the Archive offers the possibility of performing the photographic service at our premises (digital photos on CD and prints). Please contact us for further information.

After the necessary examination of the documentation submitted and the appraisal session, the Scientific Committee will archive the work with a code and will deliver to the owner the archive certificate with the embossed stamp of the Archivio Pino Pascali.
For each individual work to be archived and inserted in the catalogue the cost is as follows:

      graphic and pictorial works: Euro 180,00 plus 22% VAT =  € 219,60

The above amounts must be forwarded together with the material, in the form of cheque or bank credit transfer made out to Centro d'Arte Spaziotempo S.r.l. which will issue a standard invoice upon receipt of the same (please specify either Tax Code or VAT number for the invoice).
( bank details for the credit transfer:

Centro d'Arte Spaziotempo S.r.l.
IBAN  IT 73 H 08673 02805 042000420959

  Frittelli Arte Contemporanea - Firenze, Via Val Di Marina 15 Tel 055.410153 - Fax 055.4377359
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